Friday, March 30, 2012

Cardinals Music Selections (and $2 Amazon MP3 Credit)

As Opening Day is quickly approaching I was thinking about the music that is so familiar to the fans that make up Cardinals Nation. You know the ditty, it's the familiar organ tune that fills Busch Stadium while the Clydesdales are paraded around the periphery of the field. Yes, that song is the signal of Springtime in St. Louis! The grass is officially allowed to be green and the State Tree of Missouri, the Flowering Dogwood, can begin to...flower. You heard it hear first!

Since you know the tune so well, I thought that I'd give an insight into some not so well known tunes that are available with the $2 Amazon Credit. Yes, now through 11:59 p.m PST on April 1, 2012 you can use the credit to purchase these fine titles and a host of others. $2 Amazon MP3 Credit

And, they are fine titles, let me tell you. To start off, we have a weird selection by The Pysht River Troubadours. It's a fine song by itself, yet the vocal is...lets just say there is something left to be desired. It's called The St. Louis Cardinals, America's Team

The next is by The St. Louis Sports Band. This is a whole album dedicated to the Cardinals and that lesser pro team in St. Louis, the rams. is like a humor album and the song about Albert Pujols really likes his name and repeats it several times in a row. It is entitled Cardinals & Rams  

I don't claim to know these artists personally and as it shows their devotion to Cardinal Nation, I am more than happy to pass their fanatic spirit along. Enjoy and let me know what you think with a good, bad or just plain ugly in the comments. 

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