Thursday, April 12, 2012

Silence and Anthems on Cardinals Opening Day 2012

So, the day is almost upon us as I mentioned last week. Opening Day 2012 at Busch Stadium. Long time Cards fans remember both Bob Forsch and Joe Magrane. These men are what Cardinals baseball in the 80s was all about. They were both tall, lanky pitchers defined by good sportsmanship and dedication to the team. That is legacy. 1987 World Series starting pitchers both of which did not pitch in the game 3 which is highlighted by the stub below. Tomorrow both of these men and their families will be honored for that legacy in Silence and Anthems.

Bob Forsch will be honored with a moment of silence. After throwing out the ceremonial First Pitch preceding Game 7 of last year's World Series clencher, Forsch passed away a week later on 11/3/11 after he suffered an aneurysm in his upper chest. Prayers go out to the Forsch family as they remember the man that made a difference in the lives of his teammates and fans. That is legacy.

Magrane's family will also be honored for his role in the '87 Series. But, it will not be a somber memorial, but rather a joyous celebration of optimism and possibility. Joe Magrane's 16 year-old daughter Shannon, a contestant in this year's American Idol season 11, will be privileged to sing the the National Anthem Opening Day 2012 at Busch Stadium to a sold-out crowd of adoring Cardinals fans while two USAF F-16s flyover. If that isn't an American girl's dream, I don't know what is. Maybe not American Idol winner this year, but another dream fulfilled should be satisfying as well. Congrats! The beginning of a legacy...

What do you think about the '87 Series and the legacy that it spawned?

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