Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cardinals World Series DVDs (2006)

You might think that the St. Louis Cardinals are nothing to write about, nothing to blog about, nothing to follow, nothing to spend your precious online time with.  But...if you have found this blog, that is probably not the case. A little background for why I would choose to spend my time with a blog dedicated to the Cards. Growing up in the St. Louis area from 1982-92, I went to a lot of games, collected Cards cards (baseball cards that is) and even listened to Jack Buck broadcast while he read his mail.

Now in my own history, 1982 has significance unlike any year previous to 2006 in my lifetime. And no, it's not because my youngest brother Dave was born that year.  Or that we moved from Idaho potato fields to the St. Louis Metro area, thereby beginning my fandom. Or that CDs were first commercially available in Germany that year. Or that the Weather Channel aired on TV for the first time. It has something much more spectacular to do with...the Cardinals. I bet you had guessed that already, but there's nothing like a little suspense to draw a reader in, agreed? Yes, we won the World Series over the Milwaukee Brewers of the American League on October 20th of that most historical year. Thereby ushering in a 24 year drought for another World Series Championship to be experienced by fans of the Cards. This is not to be confused with the drought of 2011 that the state of Texas experienced. No, this was much more serious, 24 long years without receiving the trophy and the rings.  24 years with Ray Lankford, Willie McGee, Joaquin Andujar, John Tudor and John Mabry not winning it all. 24 years before we could beat another upper-Midwest team named the Detroit Tigers to reclaim the title that all Cardinals fans believe is within their grasp on Opening Day at Busch Stadium when the Clydesdales make their way around the periphery of the field to the familiar organ music.  This is the lure and the lore of the 2006 World Series.

What memories do you have of the 1982 or the 2006 World Series? I'd love to hear.

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