Friday, November 28, 2014

Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer Millenium Falcon gif

Nothing says loving like a new Star Wars trailer.
Sometimes creative moments come and the barrel roll is uncontainable...that's what happened today.

Just give credit and you can use the gif.
I made it at

Here's my tweet below:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Best Cardinals Twitter Follows (Visit me @cardsmerch on Twitter)

My blog has been dormant for the past year...ooops! If I am on your RSS feed you've probably wondered why the love has stopped, but according to my Google Analytics I haven't been referred by many other sites.  

Instead I have been ramping up my Twitter presence since then so please follow and RT @CardsMerch. I have even live-tweeted a few games. I tweet about baseball, music, tech and other various and sundry interests of mine. Every once in a while you'll see me enter a contest thru RTing, or do a tweetchat labeled #wbchat about finance issues with @wisebread or someone else like @moneycrashers.

But, since this is a blog designed for St. Louis Cardinals info I thought you'd enjoy a few of my favorite and probably the best handles to follow on Twitter concerning the #STLCards.

@Cardinals - The official home of the St. Louis Cardinals for all the latest official news.
@dgoold - STL Post Dispatch columnist and lead beat writer, always excellent and timely info. Also, he does a podcast with @miklasz like this:

@LangoschMLB - beat reporter for the Cards, she does a great job and has her own blog at
@UncleCharlie50 - This is Adam Wainwright's official handle, he just went live in the middle of the season and already some of his antics have shown through very clearly.
So, for all of the fun join with me on Twitter, and you'll never miss any of the happenings.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hulu Plus Free 2 Weeks Trial

If you need a respite for the current team's woes (*cough cough* 7 game skid from 1st to 2.5 games out), take a break and watch the greatest players and plays ever. This might be a stretch for CardinalsMerch, but there are plenty of great shows on Hulu including the awesome 11 episode Ken Burns Baseball documentary from PBS. The commentators and baseball personalities and history in this awesome documentary are worth the free trial by themselves. And, Hulu Plus only extends that capability to be able to access all of the great programming on your smartphone, tablet or pc.

I'm going to be watching my favorite TV shows with Hulu Plus. Try it now using the link & get 2 weeks free!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Play Catch (up) with the St. Louis Cardinals May Edition

After the first month of the season with Season-ending injuries, slumps, several top prospect call-ups and amazing starting pitching, I thought it was time to deliver the news. Those of you that aren't everyday Cards fans...should be (but that's a different post), but this is just a few of the interesting items that have come from in the past few weeks.

Enjoy playing Catch(up) with the Cards!

Save 20% on St. Louis Cardinals Nike MLB items!

Sometimes when a good sale comes along it's time to take a store up on it! What can I say? You should take us up on it. I haven't advertised very often on the site in about a year, but when I feel like there is a good sale worth mentioning, I will do it. 

Use the following link and save on any Nike items at the MLB online shop.
Take 20% off all Nike items at! - Ends 5/9/13

You can also get free shipping if you sign up for ShopRunner's 30 Day Free Trial on the site as well.

Below are a few examples of the items which can be purchased. I have been satisfied with every purchase that I've made through this shop. It is quality.

St. Louis Cardinals Nike short sleeve Dri-Fit Logo Legend T-shirtSt. Louis Cardinals Nike short sleeve Dri-Fit Legend Team Issue TeeBlue St. Louis Cardinals Nike Dri-Fit Practice Adjustable Cap

All pictures from MLB shop.

Do you have any good deals on Cardinals gear? Hit up the comments to share any good finds from the sale!