Tuesday, March 5, 2013

World Series Heroes talk about their Faith

"Tales from the Dugout" is a YouTube video from a Grand Canyon University event that drew a huge crowd to hear inspirational stories from three of the top players in the game including Pujols, Hamilton and Zito.
Josh Hamilton, Barry Zito, and Albert Pujols at GCU

I live in Dallas and so I've had the opportunity to watch the Rangers and I can say that it was sweet to watch the Cards beat them in 2011. But both Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols have had huge influence on the teams that I have followed for the past 4 years. Their godly character shines very often even if they decided to leave the teams for the Arte Moreno's money that's a different story.

So, to see the guys talk about their faith and their hope for the city of Anaheim is refreshing. That is true, even if I root for the Cardinals to beat them in 4 games during the World Series this season. (I am loyal to the Cards, never doubt that!)

Enjoy the video link!! (embedding is disabled due to copyright content)

Who are some players that inspire you? 

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