Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How Not to Train for a 5k (AKA My Inspiration for CardsMerch Blog)

Cardinals Care 6k
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I just read Spence Smith’s post about doing something inspiring and I thought about my inspiration for starting this blog just a few months ago. Spence is a runner, Ironman triathlete, altogether athletic dude from what I can tell. Do I have any of those traits? Not exactly...yet. I have run one 5K (didn’t train and still finished in 33 mins…I was proud), and I used to wear a Timex Ironman watch. I don’t think that counts, but you get the point. So why do I follow his blog? Because he writes passionately about what it is to lead and live and to have goals and to finish them and he does it with simplicity. By the way, he probably knows much better than I do how to train for a 5K. But, my kids and I can tell you How to Train Your Dragon. So I know this post is a little off subject, but it is about inspiring.

I started with the inspiration to write about something that I really enjoy, namely Cardinals baseball, and in that, the sometimes wacky pieces of merch that they devise to get you to the ballpark. It has become a trip down memory lane for me as I recall joys of growing up a Cardinals fan with regular, although infrequent trips to Busch Stadium and other parks to see my team. But along the way what it has done for me is let me know that what I have to bring to the table is valid and that my opinions do matter. I might be a little bit of the #CardinalNation, but being engaged in this arena only helps me to be more alive in other areas of my life. It’s probably the other way around, because in the past 6 months I have been much more engaged in my life and this blog has been a recipient of some of that love. That is worth the time that I put into this corner of the blogosphere.

So while I don't run 3.1 miles for fun or swim hundreds of miles training for the Ironman in Hawaii, I have become more active in each of the spheres of my life. Will blogging do the same for you? Are you willing to try? 

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